I Succeed With a Little Help From My… Tools

It’s never easy to go it alone.

So many times I’ve thought: I have everything handled; I’m smart and capable; I help others with their issues…  I can TOTALLY just figure it all out myself!

But when it comes to my own stuff, I find that I need to reach out for help and rely on the wisdom and brilliance of so many others who have come before me.


For many of us (who, me?) this doesn’t come easily, being the smart, creative do-it-alls that we are.

But I’m here to tell you that the right tool, the right contact, the perfectly-timed note or comment can make all the difference between painful procrastination and joyful action, between stuckness and flowing accomplishment.

So I’d like to share with you a couple of my recent favorite tools.  Who knows, maybe these will reach you at the perfect time to make big difference in your life as well!

(REMINDER: as always, take from this what works for you and let the rest go.  If the below tools don’t resonate with you, don’t sing to you – that’s great.  Ask yourself: “what type of tool or help would make all the difference for my situation right now?”  Own it!)


Leonie Dawson’s Inspiring 2016 Life Goals and Biz Goals Workbooks, and Colorful Weekly Planner

Leonie is a juicy, creative, self-described hippy soul who designed these colorful, playful, and motivating life and business workbooks and Planner.

The artwork makes me smile every time I open them, and I’ve found the workbooks to be super helpful in organizing all my dreams and jumbled hopes and ideas into manageable goal-based steps.

I find it both really fun and super useful to take the time to review, plan, strategize, implement, and track progress all in a single lovely and bright place.

Check it out – if nothing else, the quirky artwork on the page will put a smile on your face.  (In full disclosure, the above is an affiliate link, but I never recommend anything I haven’t tried and loved myself!)


30-Day Yoga Camp: A Home Bootcamp for Your Mind, Your Body, and Your Soul – Yoga with Adriene

I have such a love-hate relationship with yoga.  But I know that in the long run it makes my body run better, and my mind process what goes on around me (and inside me) in a calmer and more peaceful way.

What I discovered by starting this free on-line 30-day process is that Adrienne infuses just enough soul into the practice that I really am looking forward to getting on the mat.

Ok, maybe “looking forward” is putting it too strongly still, but at least I’ve fully embraced the 30-day process.  Adrienne’s style is both down to earth and soulful and she does a fantastic job of reminding me to tune in to my body, do what I can, and use the mat time.

I also love that there’s a clear 30-day sequence, and each day has its own mantra – starting with “I accept”, and moving through “I create”, “I embrace”, and so on.

Check it out – amazing things can happen with consistency of practice over 30 days.


Reinvent Yourself From the Inside Out… Finding and Living Your Passion and Purpose:  The Secret to Finally Expressing Your Deepest Gifts and Infusing Your Life with Meaning

Finally, I also want to let you know that I am planning a super exciting webinar-based live workshop!

If you’ve ever wanted to work with me (or would like to do so again for even further depth), or have been hoping to finally get unstuck, create a crystal clear vision for your life, overcome your past limiting beliefs, and put the passion and purpose back into your life… I promise you’ll want to check this out.

Stay tuned for more information and details on how to sign up in the coming weeks.


And in the meantime – find an area you could use some help in, big or small – and ask for help!  Remember, there are always tools around, you just have to ask – and you won’t have to go it alone.

All my love,

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