How to Give 2014 Its Due

As I sit here by the twinkle of the holiday lights, sipping of the new year’s eve leftover mulled wine, I start to ponder the year that has passed.

So much growth and joy and sorrow, and so many blessings – always blessings, sometimes in disguise.

Coming back from coffee with a new friend, I am reminded of how precious our human connections truly are, and am prompted to reflect on the people who have inhabited my 2014.

The long-term loyal friends, the complicated yet beloved family present and recently passed on, the meaningful chance encounters, the all-too-infrequent social gatherings, the giddy belly laughs and minor petty squabbles and the sheer joy of connection, in all its delightful face-to-face messiness.

I spent my new year’s eve with a delightful group a friends – we made jars and containers in which to drop our upcoming year’s wins and losses and gratitudes, to then review at the end of glorious 2015.

But I am not yet quite ready to look only forward.

I still want to give 2014 its full due, to remember and review, to learn from and appreciate.

Here’s how I’ll be spending my evening tonight, looking back on my 2014, remembering all it had to offer, gleaning the lessons and reliving the joys and wins.  I hope you’ll join me in this exercise, it’s always more fun together.

  1. What were my wins in 2014?  Where did I excel, exceed my expectations, did something I thought I couldn’t do, get praise or validation on?  How did I rock it?
  2. What were my challenges in 2014?  Where did I feel I failed, or didn’t live up to my expectations?  Where did I shrink, slink away in fear, or give up?  (I give myself permission to be honest, compassionate, and non-judgmental with myself here!)
  3. What do I wish had gone differently?  How would I have changed it, had I had it to do all over again?
  4. What do I need to say goodbye to, to mourn, to thank and let go of?
  5. What have I learned?  What big or small lessons do I want to take with me into the future I am creating for myself?
  6. What structures can I use to help incorporate these lessons into my upcoming year?

I would love to hear your insights.

To your ongoing reinvention, transformation, and evolution.

Be brilliant!




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