Ask Yourself:

  1. Are you looking for more meaning in your work and life?
  2. Do you sense that you’re meant to do and be more in your life but don’t know how or what to do?
  3. Do you know what you’d love to do, but find that this dream seems too far-off and unattainable?
  4. Do your thoughts devolve into chaos each time you try to think about what to do with your life, or how to pursue that dream?
  5. Don’t know where to start?

Coaching can be seen at its fundamental level as an on-going cycle of learning and self-discovery, followed by life-altering action.

We will focus intensively on identifying what it is that makes you come alive, on what you really want (it may not be what you think!), your unique individual values, what’s stopping you from seeing your path clearly, and on what would make you feel happy, fulfilled and successful.

I can help you to find your unique life’s purpose and channel it into meaningful work in the world.

We will do this by:

  • Clarifying your life’s purpose and direction
  • Identifying your unique, intrinsic values that determine what will make you happy
  • Creating a vision which pulls you to live in accordance with your purpose
  • Setting realistic, measurable and ambitious goals
  • Creating structures that will hold you accountable
  • Easily and naturally moving you into action
  • Identifying and bypassing the obstacles that keep you stuck

Through our work together, you will:

  • Connect with and follow your true life path
  • Get fully in touch with your inner, spiritual core
  • Live a happier, more fulfilled and meaningful life
  • Achieve things you previously thought you could not
  • Continually amaze yourself

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