What’s it like working with you?

An ongoing process in our work together will be to create a truly collaborative alliance, geared toward achieving your goals. This will be unlike any other professional relationship you’ve ever had.

We, together, get to create a space of trust where it is safe for you to explore the depths of who you are at your core, what lights you up, and the place to which your aliveness and intuition are gently nudging you.

In this space you are empowered to be in charge of your process and set the agenda, and my role is to gently guide you and ask the questions that will bring about those “A-HA!” moments, and lead to powerful action. Together, we generate and keep alive a commitment to YOU and to your growth.

Much of coaching actually happens between our calls. Our conversations will leave you inspired and challenged, often calling you to take actions you would not have taken on your own. You will also begin to notice serendipity showing up in your life.

Is this really effective over the phone?

Absolutely! In fact, I have found that working in person there can be too many visual distractions. On the phone the work is more focused and intimate, allowing you to really get into the conversation in a deeper way.

Is coaching like therapy or counseling?

The simple answer is “not really”. While outwardly seeming similar, coaching focuses more on the NOW and the FUTURE, creativing a vision, setting concrete goals, and overcoming obstacles that come up along the way. We don’t delve much into the realm of the past, nor at all into pathology.

I come to coaching with the assumption that my clients are creative, resourceful, and whole – that there’s NOTHING WRONG, just things to work on, help focus, and improve.

Coaching is geared toward individuals who are healthy and generally successful in their lives, and helps take them to the next level in the quality and fulfillment of their life. Therapy, as I see it, is geared more toward overcoming troubles or illnesses. Both have a place, and I will refer my clients to a qualified therapist should that need become apparent.