4 Steps for Making Consistently Strong Choices

You’ve made them before, though perhaps not by this name.  Those Strong Choices, where you just know in your gut and in your brain that one option is just. the. Right. Thing. Capitalized. Period. No doubts whatsoever.


Strong Choices: they are clear-cut, in your long-term best interest, and support your larger goals.  And they just plain FEEL GOOD.


Sometimes they just happen on their own (How did all my daily meditation sessions just happen all week??  Sweet!)

 Sometimes it takes a little finagling with your inner lazy-lump (C’mon!  you know you’ll feel so much better after that walk / run / yoga session!)

And yet other times you’re faced with a bit more of a struggle (I want to follow through on my plan to cook more, but in this moment I just don’t care!  Where’s the number for the pizza delivery??)


Making Strong Choices means Caring.

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I Succeed With a Little Help From My… Tools

It’s never easy to go it alone.

So many times I’ve thought: I have everything handled; I’m smart and capable; I help others with their issues…  I can TOTALLY just figure it all out myself!

But when it comes to my own stuff, I find that I need to reach out for help and rely on the wisdom and brilliance of so many others who have come before me.


For many of us (who, me?) this doesn’t come easily, being the smart, creative do-it-alls that we are.

But I’m here to tell you that the right tool, the right contact, the perfectly-timed note or comment can make all the difference between painful procrastination and joyful action, between stuckness and flowing accomplishment.

So I’d like to share with you a couple of my recent favorite tools.  Who knows, maybe these will reach you at the perfect time to make big difference in your life as well!

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To Move Forward You Must Look Back

The new year is upon us, inevitable, exciting, and full of possibilities.

And even though I don’t subscribe to the arbitrariness of a calendar flip as a guidepost for new beginnings, I can’t help but get a bit caught up in the excitement.

Shiny new calendars, flipped to a crisp blank page. So full of promise, whispering “you can do it! THIS is the year…. use me!”

But as with anything, to move forward, we must first look back; for every beginning, there is a corresponding ending.

I find it comforting, enlightening, and grounding to review the year gone by.

I have found that diving directly into future-focused visioning and planning can be a real disservice, robbing me of the biggest opportunity and gift I possess: that of learning from my own experience.

It is so tempting to keep moving, ignoring the inevitable bumps, U-turns, and messiness of our real lives. But that is where the start, the seed, the true gold of any change or transformation lies.

So let’s mine this gold, dig into the fertile ground that is 2015, and prepare it for the upcoming planting of new goals, visions, and intentions!Read more

Where Do You Find The Strength?

I surreptitiously dab my eyes again as the vet tells me that I can stop giving her the antibiotics that were just prescribed just 2 days ago. She points at the gray blobs on the x-ray images on the small outdated monitor and keeps talking.

I try desperately to focus, to pay attention, to come up with that right questions, or at least that one that I know I’ll be kicking myself later for not asking about.

I feel confused, overwhelmed, shaky
. I believe “freaked out” is the medical term for my condition.

The tears come, partly in response to this, partly in an unreasonable anger at the need for this third visit in a week, for the vagueness of the answers, for the lack of certainty. I desperately want some certainty right now, something to hold on to.

How can I find the strength to deal with this?

My fur baby, Mippy, is sick.  She’s a gorgeous 11-year-old domestic long-hair who’s been overgrooming to where her back paws, instead of sporting her usual glorious pantaloons, stick out like sickly sticks.

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Take Back Your Power – The Un-Quick-Fix Way

Just the Other Day
A big flash appears on my screen. Something got through my pop-up blocker. “Make $3000 – $7000 in a week, no experience necessary!” the ad window on my computer screams at me. I push the “x” in the corner to get rid of it. No such luck.

Crap, time to fix the pop-up blocker.

They’re Everywhere
Aside from the sheer aggravation of pop-up ads, this experience drove home to me an interesting point.

We live in a quick-fix culture.

The charlatans and advertising folks scream at us from all directions: “Use X-brand jeans to look slim and sexy!” “Buy the Y-brand car, and you too can be successful, attractive, and invincible!”

The messages seep into our consciousness every day from our TVs, our radios and computer screens, from magazines on store shelves, from billboards on our way to work…

What a load of hooey!

What They’re Telling You
Did you ever stop to think what these ads are actually telling you? What is the underlying message that’s been permeating our surroundings and invading our homes – as well as our minds – for decades now?Read more