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Past Workshops

  • Top 3 Secrets to Finding Your Passion and Purpose

    This single-session workshop is an introduction to the longer 3-month experience.  Through the use of engaging stories, foundational concepts, and surprisingly powerful hands-on exercises, you get to explore the depths of who you really are at your core, and jump-start your journey of transformation to a life of deep fulfillment and ultimate meaning.

  • Resolutions-Schmesol­utions: How To REALLY Get What You Want in 2015

    Ah, resolutions – those pesky promises we make to ourselves year after year to finally improve on things that haven’t been working for us in the past.  In this single-session workshop we explore the top 3 ways to fully align yourself with your “resolutions” – the things you REALLY, TRULY, DEEPLY want in your life – and how to actually set yourself up for success in 2015.

  • Make the Most of 2014

    3-month workshop where we dust off the year’s long-forgotten goals and dreams and get ready to finish the year off with a bang!  Expect the growth and miracles that come from purposeful community and supported wise action.  Individual attention to your personal goals using a variety of exercises, tools, meditations, and inspiration.

  • Finding Your Passion and Purpose

    3-month workshop where you will identify and start moving in the direction of your very own passion and purpose.  Identify what is significant for you in your life, what will truly light you up, the barriers and habitual patterns holding you back, and the steps to take to get from here to there.  Intimate group interaction, supported self-discovery, and guided transformation roadmap.