I can’t believe how much everything has changed, it’s a new world happening for me! I was able to shift out of letting my life pass me by, living in inertia and hating myself for it. I was feeling angry, pointless, frustrated – and embarrassed by it. Now I’m truly feeling that it’s ok to just be me. I’ve surprised myself at how I’m now able to come up with new ideas and possibilities.

The more I took action, the more it built on itself, and I now feel empowered and interested in my life again. I can tap into my excitement and don’t have to procrastinate, and I’ve learned to be mindful or and choose or control how I feel, to not be a victim to my emotions. It’s weird, it’s like a new person has invaded my brain saying all this great stuff I’d never say before. I have made breakthroughs beyond what I had thought possible – you’re a very talented coach. This really worked. I’m so glad we met!

~ Judith, Systems Analyst

This work has been so meaningful for me! It’s hard to put that emotion into words. It has helped me break through self-imposed barriers that held me back from reaching my for dreams. It has knocked down walls that I didn’t even know existed. I have looked at my life and experiences from so many vantage points, to get to see the core of it all! In that core place, I found the dreams I hold onto, and then start to reach for that dream, no matter how far-fetched it might seem or how scary it might feel.

And Inna, OH, Inna! she is amazing, such a talented and gentle and intuitive and creative soul. Her gentle yet firm encouragement at every step is irreplaceable and remarkable. At every single session I would see her magic take place. How helpful her insights and energy have been. She is an inspiration to me in this life-changing work, and I can’t thank her enough!

~ Claire, Child Educator

Inna has been a source of great strength and resolve for me, persevering and faithful to my vision and goals, even when I am not. The richness and purity of her work comes from a very solid inner core, and she has helped me to accomplish many things in the past three months that I felt were beyond my reach. In just this short time, I am seeing the progress manifest itself in real, life-rewarding ways.

Inna’s words, her actions, and her guidance are mysteriously powerful. I am in awe of what I have accomplished when I tuned in to my inner voice with Inna as my guide. It’s been a spiritual, emotionally rewarding, fun journey into my inner life.

I look forward to each session. I find things happening on a sub-conscious level. Same life – different vision! Inna facilitated this in a gentle, thought-provoking way that was also fun!

~ Debi, Photographer and Art Teacher

Coaching with Inna has been a truly transforming experience. Throughout the coaching Inna has provided a winning combination of support and affirmation combined with very strong prodding and coaxing to keep me on track to *my* goals instead of being diverted by the goals of those around me.

~ Julia, Senior QA Engineer

Working with Inna helped move from a place of stagnant potential to a place where I boldly embraced my true identity and lived it out more and more with my family, friends, and colleagues. Coaching with Inna really accelerated my transition from my old work to my new path as a personal development coach. I benefited from Inna’s caring and positive energy, her authenticity, her respect, and her challenges.

I am grateful, too, for Inna’s naked honesty, and her courage to tell me openly what she sensed even when it was challenging to hear. What also helped me was her passion for this work. Since it is similar to what I aspire to, it ignited my own passions. I sensed her curiosity about how to do this work better, and her willingness to experiment. Her passion was to help me move forward. Everyone should try this! Inna, thank you!

~ Marco, International Development Consultant and Personal Development Coach

I am rebuilding my life after some serious challenges. Inna helped me to transcend daunting blockages, and to remember and reconnect with my dreams. Inna’s approach is beautifully human and honors the whole person. Inna’s masterful style provides a sense of authentic caring and seasoned guidance that feels nurturing and supportive while she gets you actively involved and keeps you moving. I am not just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I have a roadmap to get where I want to be. I am rebuilding my life and my business in a way that is much more complementary to all of my beliefs. Inna has helped me get back into a space where I can attract and create what I need to do, and also to pursue creative projects that have been on the back burner for far too long. Anyone can exist and get through each day. Bringing Heart and Soul and Passion back into our lives is what living is all about. Thanks for helping me to remember how to enjoy it, Inna!

~ Susan, Healer and Artist

My journey with Inna has helped me build confidence that the divergent pieces that make me unique aren’t an incongruous muddle; they do indeed form a cohesive, if somewhat unusual, whole. Most important, I have a strong, centered base from which to move forward, a clear, quite self-assured view of how much I truly have to offer the world. Put another way, despite the challenges before me, I am more confident than ever in the core of my self-worth.

Inna’s integration of practical, probing exercises with more meditative, interior exploration proved powerful, getting me out of my head and into my desires. Gentle in spirit, but no pushover, Inna is a strong and understanding guide, expecting me to work hard while acknowledging the ebb and flow of life’s commitments and one’s energies.

~ Evan, Writer

Inna gave me confidence and courage as an artist to take steps toward pursuing more arts-related jobs. I feel much less stuck, more enthusiastic, and very hopeful about the future once again! Call Inna if you find yourself dissatisfied with your life direction. Her positive style, extremely helpful exercises, and effective techniques will offer you new insight into a better and happier you!

~ Melissa, Artist

All I can say is “WOW”. I can honestly say you’ve opened my eyes not only to what’s possible but where I can truly take my business… but then that might be a bit of an understatement. And knowing clearly where I want to be in 6 months and in 1 year gives me so much direction and clarity. Just going through the process to figure out exactly where I want to be has given me back so much passion for the business.

Also, I hate to say it but I never realized how much I was blocking myself in the growth of the business. The process we walked through to discover the blocks in myself and the business were enlightening, to say the least. I cannot thank you enough for our time together.

~ Dave, Entrepreneur